Putting Hearing Aids On A Baby

T first got his hearing aids when he was 3 months old.  In the beginning, it was really challenging to get the ear molds in on a wiggly baby, especially since the molds were so small – it took a lot of coordination.  It took about a week for us to get efficient at putting them in.  Luckily, the hearing aids have never seemed to bother T, although he does get impatient at the process of putting them in.

When we first started, we would put the hearing aids in after he woke up from a nap (we take them out for naps, bedtime, and bathtime).  He would often wake up cranky and hungry, so we would usually feed him first (or wait till he woke up a bit and was less cranky) before putting his aids in, so that he didn’t associate putting hearing aids in with being cranky.  We have always found it easiest to put them in with T lying on his back.  I usually put the ear mold in his ear, then, only after the ear mold is in securely, close the battery door – this way, he doesn’t get feedback while I’m futzing with the ear mold.  I then tuck the processor behind his ear.

From the very beginning, we’ve made a big deal of clapping and cheering once we get a hearing aid in.  Even if T was impatient with us holding him down to get an ear mold in, he’d start grinning as soon as we high-fived and kissed him, and I think this conditioned him to be a bit more patient about letting us put them in.


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