Keeping Hearing Aids In

One of the tricky things we had to figure out in the beginning was how to keep the hearing aids on T.  Our audiologist gave us a pair of Ear Gear, which are basically a little sock-like pocket that goes around the processor with a cord attached, and the cord clips on to baby’s shirt.  This was great for not completely losing the hearing aid (which is a big concern!) – but, we found that the cord from the Ear Gear put torque on the processor and ended up pulling the processor off T’s ear and the mold from out of his ear.  This was especially problematic since, at 3 months, T spent a lot of time playing on his back, looking around, and trying to roll over.

Then, we found out about Phonak Stick and Stays – and keeping the hearing aids on T became so much easier!  The Stick and Stays are a double-sided adhesive tape – one side sticks to the processor and the other side sticks on the skin behind the ear.  They are sticky enough to not fall off, even if T rubs the side of his head on something or is rolling around, but they are not so sticky that they irritate his skin.  They are made especially for keeping hearing aids from falling off babies, so they are the right size and shape for the job.

A few of my tips for using the Stick and Stays – we take the hearing aids off for all of T’s naps, for bedtime, and bathtime, but we don’t replace the stickers each time we put them back in.  We generally put new stickers on first thing in the morning, and then once at midday.  If we are going out and the stickers seem less “sticky,” we might replace them earlier.  We are also currently contemplating trimming the hair near T’s ears to make the stickers stick to his skin rather than his hair.

Although the Phonak Stick and Stays have worked really well for us, other families use other solutions.  A fairly popular solution is a pilot’s cap – this is a hat that comes down over the ears and ties under the chin (Hanna Andersson makes a popular pilot’s cap).  We might try this in a few months once T figures out he can pull his hearing aids off!

Update – 2/15/16 – T has since learned how to pull his hearing aids off and is quick to put them in his mouth. We started using a pilot’s cap to cover his ears, and so far, this is working well!


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