I’m A, and my son T (currently 7.5 months as of January 2016) was diagnosed with a mild hearing loss when he was 5 weeks old.

When we first found out that he had a hearing loss and would need to wear hearing aids and would start receiving speech therapy soon, we were so overwhelmed!  There were so many appointments with the Audiologists and ENT, and it was all just very overwhelming with a newborn to take care of.  However, one thing that made it so much easier for us is that I did my Ph.D. work in Cochlear Implants, and therefore knew a lot about hearing loss, hearing aids, etc., and was therefore familiar with a lot of the jargon that came up at every appointment.

I know that most parents who receive a hearing loss diagnosis for their child are not as lucky to have the background information that I do, and even for me, the whole process of getting T fitted for hearing aids was hard.  So, my goal with this site is to provide a resource for other parents.  A lot of my posts will be journal-style – I’ll talk about his speech therapy sessions and audiology appointments to give an idea of the regular, routine speech therapy and audiology appointments children with hearing loss attend.  I’ll also include some pages talking about our experience with getting T used to wearing hearing aids.  Finally, I’d like to use my background in Cochlear Implant research to provide information on different topics (e.g., how do hearing aids work?  how do Cochlear Implants work?  etc.) as well as review journal articles relevant to pediatric hearing research.

I’m open to writing about a lot of different topics, so please let me know if there’s something you’d like to see here!


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