New Language Developments!

The article I wrote about here indicated that once babies first start to say words, their language explodes soon after Рand I think we are juuust on the cusp of that with T (1 year old!)!

I wrote here¬†that we were considering T’s first word to be “bubble”; since then, he has definitely said “dada” to refer to his dad (in fact, I didn’t even see my husband behind us, and only he realized he was there when T started grinning and shouting “dada”!), “baba” for his bottle, and “buh” when he saw a school bus. I think he is starting to pair me and “mama” (although he frequently says “mama,” I’m not sure he ties the sound with me). I think he also knows that sound a duck makes; often, if I ask him what a duck says, he’ll say “kwa kwa” (a funny sounding “quack quack!”).

And, his receptive language is really taking off too! Now, when we ask him to point to his ears or our nose or mouth, he will do this correctly. He also understands when we tell him to put things in containers (like his toys in a box or laundry in the basket, although he will almost always pull them right back out again!) or to wait before knocking over a tower of blocks.

It kind of seems like understanding the concept of words (like that different objects, people, or actions have unique sounds that go with them) was a big cognitive leap, and now that he is starting to understand that, he’s ready to learn lots of new words!