Speech Therapy Session – March 14, 2016

Apologies for the long gap in posting! It’s been busy over here at Casa TAG (T, A, and my husband, G :))!

T had a fun speech therapy session yesterday! We mostly focused on teaching T to respond to a few different commands. Here’s what we worked on:

  1. Responding to “wait” and “go!” – T looooves banging on drums. Yesterday, T’s speech therapist showed us how to encourage T to start banging, and then we’d say “WAIT!” Once we told him to wait, if he kept banging, we’d move the drum slightly out of reach or cover it up. Then, after a pause, we’d say “Go!” and let him start banging again. Although at first T was not happy about the “wait!” part of this game, I think by the end of the session, he may have been starting to get the idea – by the end, when we said “wait!” he’d stop banging on his own and look up at us!
  2. Responding to “come!” – We tried to teach T to come toward us when we said “come” or “come here.” T’s speech therapist showed us how to do this by saying “come here!” while trying to entice him with a fun toy. We tried with a bunch of different toys, but T didn’t seem to find any of them compelling enough to come over. However, we repeated this while holding a shoe, T’s current favorite love, and he did race over for that.

Although we are just getting started with this, I think teaching T to understand and respond to different commands could teach him new words, and could be really useful to us!


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