Speech Therapy Session – February 29, 2016

We had a fun leap-day speech therapy session yesterday! One fun thing we did was play musical instruments. T’s speech therapist had a little musical piano that would play a song if you pushed a button. T’s speech therapist passed out a bunch of little instruments – egg shakers, maracas, a drum, and bells – and, once the music began, we’d all play our instruments along with the music from the piano. T’s favorites were the egg shakers and the drum. I think he’s starting to understand rhythm better – a couple times, it seemed like he found the beat of the music and was shaking or banging in time. One of the things I’ve done since T was super little is patting his body in time to music to help him feel the beat, so maybe some of that is coming together for him!

T’s speech therapist also went over some of our goals for T over the next 6 months or so. She is planning to work with him (and help us work with him at home!) on developing some simple vocabulary. In particular, she wants to work with him on the directives “give me the …” and “show me the …” She also talked about how we can use those to build up some simple vocabulary like animal names, body parts, etc. For today, T was more interested in looking inside the trash can than in practicing “give me the …”, but we’ll get there!


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