Ear Wax Removal

T had to get ear wax removed on Friday, and it was a little traumatic for all of us! 🙂

T gets new ear mold impressions made every 6-8 weeks. (In the image below, the ear mold is the clear part that fits snugly in the ear – since babies grow so quickly, the ear molds need to be replaced pretty frequently.)demearpromold_bC.jpgOne thing we didn’t realize is that excessive ear wax can be problematic for hearing aid wearers. For most people ear wax isn’t a problem, and generally doesn’t need to be cleaned out (side note – don’t stick q-tips in your ears to clean them!). However, for hearing aid wearers, ear wax doesn’t come out of the ear canal naturally because the ear molds are in the canal blocking the natural expulsion, and having excessive ear wax can cause hearing aid failure. Also, T’s audiologist said it can be harder to get a good ear mold impression if there’s too much ear wax.

So, since T will be getting new ear mold impressions made, we had to get his excess ear wax removed. We took him to his pediatrician, who used an ear pick to scrape out the ear wax. While she was scraping it, I had to hold his head still and restrain his arms, which he REALLY didn’t like. Unfortunately, there was a lot of ear wax, and some of it was really hard and impacted, so the whole process took about 30 minutes, and she wasn’t able to finish. At the pediatrician’s recommendation, we are using Debrox drops twice a day to soften the ear wax, and will be going back to finish cleaning T’s ears before getting his new ear molds made.

T REALLY hated having his ears cleaned, and I wish I had advice on how to make this easier! I think next time we’ll let him watch a video to distract him, but I don’t know how much that will help. At least next time I’ll be mentally prepared for how long it takes!



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