Speech Therapy Session – January 25, 2016

We started today by repeating some of the games we played last session where we paired toys with different Ling sounds, and asked T to identify the toy paired with a particular sound.  Today, he was a bit more interested in trying to pull himself up to stand; we tried to entice him with the toys for a few minutes, then moved on 🙂

One thing we have been working on since T first started speech therapy is the concept of turn-taking. Conversation naturally involves taking turns; for example, knowing that when one person pauses, it’s the other person’s turn to say something. One way we have worked on this that T LOVES is by taking turns banging on stuff (like a drum). One of us will bang on the drum, then give T a turn, and we go back and forth. He has really started to get the hang of turn-taking, and will wait for his turn to bang.

The other concept that drum-banging is helping to reinforce with T is the concept of segmentation – for example, that “bang” is one word and “bang bang” is two words. When it’s our turn to drum, we will bang either once, twice, or three times, and then encourage T to bang the same number of times when it’s his turn to drum. T is definitely getting the hang of segmentation, as he will bang a similar number of times, although it’s clear that he prefers banging many times to banging just once! 🙂 I learned a bit about how infants learn to segment word boundaries (for example, if you hear the stream of speech “iateanicecreamconebutitmelted,” you learn that “melted” is a word, and “itmelted” is not a word) in grad school – and it’s SO COOL – I hope to write more about this soon!

We finished up with a fun couple of rounds of peekaboo, where we tried to encourage T to make sounds like “boo!” before we pulled a sheet away from our faces.  He definitely made a few “ba ba” sounds, and he definitely had a blast! Peekaboo is always a favorite with him!


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