Speech Therapy Session – January 22, 2016

We did a few things today that were pretty new to T – he seems to be just on the cusp of being able to understand what we were doing, so I’m excited to see how he responds to these games over the next few weeks.

The first thing we did today was work on identification with the Ling-6 Sounds.  The Ling-6 sounds are a group of 6 different, common speech sounds that, together, represent the speech spectrum from 250 Hz-8000 Hz. The sounds are:

  1. “mmm” – (very low frequency)
  2. “ooo” – (low frequency)
  3. “eee” – (some low frequency, some high frequency)
  4. “ahhh” – (centered in the frequency range)
  5. “shhh” – (moderately high frequency)
  6. “ssss” – (high frequency)

Today, we paired different Ling sounds with a toy.  For example, we paired “mmm” with an ice cream cone (as in “yuMMMM”), “oooo” with a ghost (as in “bOOO!”), “ahhh” with an airplane, “shhhh” with a baby doll, and “ssss” with a snake. So, we’d make the sound while showing T the corresponding toy. The cool thing that we did today was that, after showing T two different toys while making the corresponding sounds, we set the two toys together on the floor, and then made one of the Ling sounds, and waited for T to reach for the toy that matched the sound he heard.

I was blown away when T heard the speech therapist say “ahhhh” and he reached for the airplane! He only did this once, so it might have just been chance. We didn’t get a chance to test him too thoroughly, because he soon got bored and started crawling over to the trash can 🙂

A lot of the stuff we’ve done previously merely required T to detect that he heard something; this was one of the first times he was required to identify the sound that he heard (by reaching for the corresponding, paired toy). I’m excited to watch him get better at this sort of thing in the next few months!

The other cool thing that we did today was starting to teach him to understand the phrase “give me.” When he was holding a toy, we’d say “give me the toy,” and hope that he’d give us the toy. For today at least, he was more interested in throwing the toys then giving them to us,  but we’ll keep practicing!




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